from: Personal and Impersonal: Six Aesthetic Realists: Louis Dienes





It is so lonely on this road
That I never shall come again
And a sound glows around those wires,
A sound that scares me;
It is the wind vibrating them just a little
In the vast silence.

There are no trees at all
Around this road
And it is flat and hot and wild
And fear comes and sweat and shivers.

A car races by and makes
The wind scream around the angles
Of its metal body.

A message pulses through the wires,
"Gumbo jumbo, hispen-ispen
And I hear it because I am a wire tapper
And I am an impulsive listener
And the car that raced by
Reminded me to listen.

Personal & Impersonal (New York: Defintion Press, 1959)