from: Personal and Impersonal: Six Aesthetic Realists: Louis Dienes




Three things are on his mind:
To fight, to get away, to stay and talk to people in the sunshine.

He invents a little man to be himself
And beats him mercilessly all the time—
Oh he puts on a great big show for the suckers—
But the big boys in his mind are up in the back rooms
Out of sight, laughing, and drinking double scotches
And having all the easy power that they want.

The trouble is the suckers are himself.
When will suckers be resolved to question shows embarrassingly?
When will they stop hoping secretly
That someday they'll be big boys?

The little man is gone now,
The suckers scattered, and he decides
To mount the stairs and investigate the doings of the back-room boys.

Personal & Impersonal (New York: Defintion Press, 1959)